I found some badass socks in the little boy isle at Walmart 👌

taking all the sefies while somebody slept the day away 💁

lunch today was perfect, raspberries and a cream cheese bagel 👌

My parents have the goofiest looking animals..

😁🔫 #workflow

4 years and 6 lifetimes ago @savn4sty and I were living with @armadillo_xing ‘s parents and their awesome dogs. #lifeisweird

i’ve got problems up to here, i’ve got people in my ear

I thought we were being cute, and then I noticed Isabelle’s face when I went to post it. Hahaha.

So happy to have my very first piece from @drunkenmermaid ! Thank you so much @melindamidkiff !

all gussied up for my birthday dinner 💎